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Re: Debian + isdn = ? (a waste of time, so far!)

miquels@cistron.nl (Miquel van Smoorenburg) wrote:
> <garyjones@linuxfreemail.com> wrote:
>>I'm having some problems setting up  my isdn. Here is the configuration:
>>o Debian 2.1r4 (Kernel 2.0.38 + the patch ->2.0.39 from kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/people/tao)
>I think you might need a 2.2 kernel.

It is supposed to work with 2.0.36 upwards. If I must then I will d/l
a later source tar and build a new one, but I don't really want to 
d/l 15M or so just to find it still doesn't work, so I would rather 
know what the cause of the problem is. Thanks for the advice though, 
if I finish pulling all of my hair out I'll try it!

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