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Samsung ML-4500 printer

Just picked up an ML-4500, primarily because it's got Tux on the box.
Opened it up and discovered that the Linux support is (predictably)
Red Hat-centric, so I installed the (Debian) printtool package from
woody, modified the install script to look for the printtool database in
/usr/share/printtool/ instead of /usr/lib/rhs/rhs-printfilters/, ran it,
and got a valid-looking entry for the ML4500 appended to printerdb.

But the ML4500's filter doesn't show up on printtool's list of available
filters.  Manually editing the printtool-generated /etc/printcap to point it
at the printerdb entry for the invisible filter gets me the correct driver
name in the list of installed printers, but if I edit the entry and try to
bring up the filter list to change settings, printtool complains, "Error:
can't read "printerdb_descr2entry()": no such element in array".

Two of the standard Samsung filters that came with printtool say that they
may work with the ML series, so I tried them also.  Regardless of which of
the three filters I use, the results of print attempts are the same:  The job
clears the print queue, the printer blinks its light to indicate data
received, and nothing comes out.  This is consistent across both ASCII and
Postscript documents and even multi-page ASCII documents with a following
page feed result in no output, so it's not just that the printer is waiting
to receive the rest of the page.  Even setting the filter to the generic
'Text-only printer' has the same results.

The printer itself seems to work; the built-in test page pops out in short
order and looks quite nice.  And, again, it indicates that it is receiving
data when a print job is sent, but it doesn't actually print anything that
came from the computer.

So, can anyone offer any suggestions for getting this printer to work?

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