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getting XFree to work with geforce MX

Hello list!

i recently helped my father to install debian (potato r0) on his box. 
everything was fine, but X is a problem. i have to say this was ever a 
problem since he upgraded his graphic card to a hercules 3d prophet which is 
using the geforce MX chipset.
he tried mandrake before but when it comes to auto detection, it damages the 
display (not physically of course) so i can't even use the textmode anymore.
this is really ugly...
now with debian there is a similar problem. i used XF86Setup. in "cards", i 
used the details, not one of the list and left everything on probing.
after starting the x server, everything was foobared again...
i know, that the geforce MX ist NOT supported with xfree 3 but i still think 
it should be possible to run x in a kind of compatiblity mode isn't it??
i don't care about all the fancy geforce features (in fact my father's 
favorite game is nethack, so he's not in a hurry to install x, but it would 
be really nice to show him the great new kde2 desktop!), but it should be 
able to render 1024*768 with 32 bit colors in a reasonable speed.
what does i have to do exactly to make this work?
btw, it already worked using the VGA16 server and a generic vga driver.
but 640*480 is not a sollution ;)
i hope i can show him now how great the debian support is.. :))


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