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RE: Oracle bI 2nd request

> 	Cool. thnaks.
> 	I would have sworn somewhere that I had seen that the
> Oracle installer required
> 	a particular JRE, Blcakdown I think.

I think previous versions required this.  Earlier than 8.1.6.  But Oracle
was nice enough, and smart enough, to include this in 8i for us. :)

> 	In any case, I will plow on ahead, and see how it goes.
> 	I pretty much _have_ to run X to isntall, since the Oracle
> installer is an X
> 	app. BTW we are both talking about *I, right? Not not just
> Oracle 8 which does
> 	not use the Java based installer.

Yes, the oracle installer does kinda require a gui.  Though, you could just
export your display to a desktop if you didn't want the extra overhead of X
while installing.  Yes, I am talking about Oracle 8i, 8.1.6 for linux.


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