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Re: installing modules for NICs

When you go through the debian setup it asks you which driver modules you
want to load, then select your NIC driver and load it (with options like io
and irq if needed).
If you've already gone through the setup and you have a stock kernel and
modules, try loading the module for your network card, this is done with
modprobe (with options - example : modprobe ne io=0x300 irq=10).
When you have the right options put a line in /etc/modules with the name of
your module so it gets loaded at boot time, and options go in a file with
the module name in /etc/modutils/ (example : in /etc/modules add a single
line with "ne", and in /etc/modutils/ne add a line "options ne io=0x300
irq=10") - then run update-modules to
update the modules.conf file.
If you have compiled your own kernel, make sure you selected the driver for
your NIC as a module first.


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Subject: installing modules for NICs

> is there a document, or something, that tells one how to install a module?
> i'm a newbie trying to get debian up and running, and have gotten some
> good help from this list.  all i need is to get my NIC installed (3com
> model # 3CSOHO100-TX).  i think the driver is the 3c90x, and although i
> managed to download it successfully, i have no clue as to how to install
> it.  any help is much appreciated.
> thanks!
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