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CS4236B no good, what else is there?

No one has yet posted saying they have got their CS4236B
sound chip working, and no maintainer of this module has
made contact, so I wonder if I should look around for an
alternative means of making sound.

What sound cards are there that do work well under Linux
and are still available in the shops? I have, of course,
looked at the soundcard matrix, but I would prefer to
hear from someone who has suceeded in getting sound to
work, before I go shopping for new hardware. I want to
find something that is real easy to get working, and will
be supported for a good time to come.

Then comes the second problem: this CS4236B chip is a part
of the motherboard, so I can't physically remove it. Will
this cause problems if I install a second soundcard?

Please mail me privately, as this isn't specific ehough
for the list. Thanks in advance for any advice.

Best regards,

Peter Hugosson-Miller
"Linux - the choice of a GNU generation!"

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