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Problems with bzip2 and memory

There's something wrong with bzcat in a Debian machine we're using here.

I have big bzipped files here and I use them to update a MySQL database
in a Debian machine. These updates happen once a day only. The problem
is that after the routines of unbzipping the files,the system eats
memory up. The machine is a PII 700 MHz, 512 MB of RAM.

The weirdest thing is that the memory problem brings up another a
problem: a swap bug that locks the machine, sometimes generating an Oops
in /var/log/messages. It cranks up probably because of a buggy FS
implementation that has already been discussed in the linux kernel list
(and is probably going to be fixed in 2.2.18 and 2.4.0). That doesn't
answer the RAM eat-up problem, though.

If anyone ever had those types of problems, let me know. I'd really like
to know how did you fix this.


Leonardo Dias
Analista Programador / Analyst Programmer
Catho Online

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