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munged cd #2 and #3, maybe?

I've got a funny problem: I've downloaded and burned
the ISOs for the Official Debian 2.2 CD's, but
apt-cdrom refuses to recognize CD #2 and #3... It dies
on a read error, but my other box (RH 6.2 / Linux
2.4.0-test9) reads all three CDs without a problem.
(It doesn't have apt, so I can't see if this problem
exists here, too). The CD drive works, or at least
works with CD #1. All three CD's, if it is relevant,
were burned on Maxell 12x CD-R media at 10x under
Windows NT Workstation 4.0.

The system that I'm installing on is a Compaq Presario
notebook which worked perfectly under SuSE 6.3 and
FreeBSD 4.0 (no sound under FreeBSD, sound required a
2.4 kernel in Linux, but this is a very minor issue)

Is there an easy way to verify that the CD's work
without dumping an image to my HDD and comparing its
md5sum against the one at www.linuxiso.org? Like maybe
doing 'md5sum /dev/scd0' or something?

And if apt-cdrom still hates them, can I just convert
them to rpm or tgz with alien and install the packages
that way, or will this cause major damage? If so, I
can always grab source tarballs and build the packages
on CD 2 and 3 from source, but I've only got a cheesy
33.6 dialup (56k modem, ISP only has 33.6... They
support BSD-compression, but a fat load of good that
does for tarballs...)

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