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Re: No 's' key after logon

On one server we lost a in the same manner it appears to have been the
result of a slightly broken keyboard cable. The keyboard in question
works fine on a booted machine but if present during a reboot appears to
convince the bios that "a" is a non event.

kmself@ix.netcom.com wrote:
> on Mon, Nov 20, 2000 at 01:01:17AM -0800, John Bagdanoff (bagdanof@home.com) wrote:
> > Well, I finally hit a WALL with woody:
> > Briefly, my problem:
> >
> > Once I try to login after booting, my 's' key just beeps at me!  So
> > 'startx' won't work because I have no 's'... just a beep.
> >
> > And, in mc, I get a 'warning, cant cd into archives'..... probably
> > because it has an 's' in it.  Thinking, it may be the latest bash
> > upgrade, I wanted to downgrade to the earlier bash that was there.
> > But, noooooooo, dpkg couldn't find 'bah.deb'.  Even though I got the above
> > warning, mc did show the archives directory.  In mc, I was able to use
> > the 's' key.
> > So I reboot to 'Linux single', but again, no 's'.  bummer.
> > So I try 'mutt'  (thank the gods... No 's' in 'mutt').  Now, I'm
> > typing this in 'vim' and the 's' (obviously) is working.
> >
> > Why couldn't it have been 'z' that went belly up instead of 's'?
> > Any help out there?  Any clue to what might be happening?  And
> > hopefully a fix?
> >
> > (beep)incerly, your(beep)
> > John
> John:
> You'll notice there i* no '*' in Debian GNU/Linux, thi* i* by de*ign and
> for a good rea*on....
> I'd look at:
>   - Language and/or locale settings.  If you can dump your environment
>     (unfortunately, 'set' isn't going to help much...)
>   - keysym settings.  Have your keysyms settings changed at all?  I'm
>     not sure what commands you want to run, but 'dumpkeys' (tab
>     completion is your friend) should show:
>         keycode  31 = s
>   - Similarly, keyboard mappings -- check to see that you're running a
>     standard keymap:
>         $ loadkeys /usr/share/keymaps/i386/us.kmap.gz
> If you've got gpm running, you may find you can cut and past 's'
> characters from various screen output using your mouse.  It's a pain in
> the a**, but if it'* the only thing you have, it'* the only thing you
> have.
> Good luck.
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