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Re: How to create /dev/gpmdata?

  when in doubt about devices consult:


  it says:

Non-transient sockets and named pipes may exist in /dev.  Common entries

/dev/printer    socket          lpd local socket
/dev/log        socket          syslog local socket
/dev/gpmdata    socket          gpm mouse multiplexer

  which means that it's not really a device. I think that it is created
on the fly by bpm, you might have check the docs for gpm so that you can
configure it to use gpmdata.

  running man gpm and searching for gpmdata reveals:

       -Rname Causes  `gpm'  to act as a repeater: any mouse data
              received while in graphic mode will be produced  on
              the fifo `/dev/gpmdata' in protocol name.  In prin-

  that should do it (gpm is started by /etc/init.d/gpm, I guess that's
where you would add -R flag, or perhaps /etc/gpm-root.conf, or use
gpmconfig program? I am not sure...)


Jonathan Chang wrote:
> Hi, there,
> I can not find this device in /dev. Unfortunately, MAKEDEV does not know
> how to create it.
> Jonathan Chang
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