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Re: Call for articles, HOW-TOs, and tips

On Sunday 19 November 2000 22:11, Timmy Douglas wrote:
> Randy Edwards <redwards@golgotha.net> writes:
> > * How about something explaining the mail system?  Explain MTAs, MUAs,
> > the role of procmail.  Or how about giving some explanations for typical
> > setups and how a newbie would configure their system using "eximconfig"?
> i might do something like this once my finger stops hurting and i can
> type with 2 hands again. but doesn't one of the mail-* HOWTOs do it
> well?

Yes it does, but... it's not Debian (or maybe I should say exim) specific.  
I'm fairly new and after reading through a few pages I decided not to touch 
my mail system.  I still have the default exim install even though I have a 
Debian server/firewall.  I would love to see something like this.  I plan on 
posting some of the simple things I had to learn which frustrated me, like 
setting the clock correctly, or making the cd-rom user mountable 
(/etc/fstab).  I think a really great thing would be a mini-howto on the 
Debian help system.  As a new user it took me a while to get used to 
searching through man pages, finding out I could look up packages at the 
Debian web site, and finding out what "info" was.  


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