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Re: exim masquerading problems

On Sun, Nov 19, 2000 at 05:16:05PM -0600, Phil Brutsche wrote:
> > I would assume that if I could just set it through mutt, then
> > masquerading in exim would be pointless wouldn't it?
> If you're unable to set the correct email address in mutt, it's very
> simple to get exim on your local machine to re-write references to
> rvf@localhost (or whatever your login name is) in the email headers to be
> rvf@linux.wku.edu.

That's what I was doing and it worked fine, except that debconf was sending
mail to root@linux.wku.edu, which most definitely isn't me. I would like to
know a way to stop that without having to stop exim from doing that for me,
since I've yet to find a way to set the from address in mutt.


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