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On Sun, Nov 19, 2000 at 04:09:58PM -0600, dude wrote:
> Help!
> I accidenlty installedm GPM,
> and now it makes my cursor uncontrollabye with my mouse,
> whtne i removed itmy mouse simple does isnt work any more
> i have set up ln -s psaux /dev/mouse
> i have a lgitech that im treating as a ps2
> please help!
> CC me a copy if you can please
How did you control it before, the mouse is usually controlled
by gpm for consoles.

try rerunnign gpmconfig to reconfigure your mouse if something
is wrong wiht your  gpm confg

> Name:           Alson van der Meulen      <
> Personal:       alson@linuxfreak.nl       <
> School:       alson@gymnasiumleiden.nl    <
Ooops. Save your work, everyone. FAST!

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