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problem with (large) fonts


something i really hate about X is it's font "support".
they are either too big or too small or plain ugly. 
i hope things will improve in the future..
but at the moment i only have two problems, maybe somebody can help me:

some large fonts look crippled. i see this mainly in webbrowsers (konqueror, 
mozilla) for headlines or simly large font sizes.
the other problem is, that text in kwrite is too small.
oh well, forget about the second problem, i found out i can increase the 
fixed with font size in controle center (but it only applys when i restart 
kwrite, that's why i thought it wouldn't work).
the other problem remains, large fonts look REALLY ugly.
you can see an example here (you can ignore the kwrite problem):

look at the "Compiling a KDE Program" headline. doesn't it look ugly? ;)
thanks for your help


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