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Re: Simple network card problem


Your problem is covered in the Ethernet HOWTO.  See section
3.7 -->"Linux and ISA Plug and Play Ethernet Cards".  You should
also look at section 5.0 as well.


You can get a program, 3C5X9cfg.exe from the 3COM web site 
that does the configuration described in these sections 3.7

Goto: http://support.3com.com/infodeli/tools/nic/3c509/3c5096.1.htm
and get the two files downloadable at the bottom of the page.  Disk
#2 has the 3C5X9cfg.exe on it.  You'll see it when you extract the
file contents.

Before doing any of the stuff mentioned in the HOWTO you should probably
make the resource permanently assigned in Windows for that card.

Regards,  T. Tilton

> Cameron Matheson wrote:
> Hey,
> I can't get my DSL to work, possibly for many reasons, but I'm
> assuming the first is my network card.  I have a 3c509, and for some
> reason, on bootup the kernel detects it at irq 9 (that's my sound
> card's irq, which it also detects at 9).  The network card is really
> 10.  It tells me that in Windoze, and while my computer is booting up
> (before LILO starts).  I tried compiling the 3c509 module and
> insmod-ing it like this `insmod 3c509 irq=10`, but it still detects it
> at 9.  This has me stumped, so I'm hoping you can help.
> thanks,
> Cameron Matheson

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