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SSL in mozilla M18 and Netscape 6

Dear all.

Firstly apologies for posting an empty email... agh! - wrong key strokes!

Without wishing to spark off another bitching match about netscape 6 vs 
mozilla M18, I would like some help regarding https.

So far I've been using Netscape 4, and mainly without fault. I use squid on 
my box, and have netscape set up to use squid for all http. Under netscape 4, 
https works fine, bypassing squid.

Whenever I try to use Netscape 6 or Mozilla M18, the https connection gets 
refused. Netscape 6 crashes, whilst Mozilla says `connection was refused when 
attempting to contact...'.

By consulting the squid faq, I've tried getting the browser to stuff the 
https through squid, but that doesn't work either.

I'm using woody, and a 2.4.0 test 10 kernel. I have squid 2.3.4-1 installed, 
libssl 0-95a-5 and openssl 0-95a-5.

Does anyone know what's going on here?



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