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How can I make update-menus coexist with my custom wm config files? For
example, I rolled my own  ~/.vtwmrc. Now, I apt-get install xinvaders. I
would like  a menu entry for  xinvaders to appear automagically in my
window manager, without losing my other customizations. 

The  current behaviour  is  that the  files ~/.vtwm/system.vtwmrc and
~/.vtwm/menudefs.hook  (or  probably  /etc/X11/vtwm/system.vtwmrc  and
/etc/X11/vtwm/menudefs.hook if I  don't run update-menus manually) are
updated, but my ~/.vtwmrc is unmodified.  

If I symlink ~/.vtwmrc  to ~/.vtwm/system.vtwmrc, the whole thing gets
overwritten,  which   is  not   what  I  want,   since  it   nukes  my


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