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chroot'd named & dpkg-sources

hi all

i just found that there was a new exploit for bind.  i just also
finished reading Chroot-BIND HOWTO.  this might be a good time to
apply what i've learned.  i've already created my 'named' system user
acct with a /bin/false shell and /chroot/named home directory.  i've
copied the contents of /etc/bind/* to /chroot/named/etc/bind, created
/chroot/named/dev/null and modified the syslogd init file.

now i'm ready to compile the bind source code, which i downloaded did
by doing 'apt-get source'.  now i have a bind_*.dsc, bind_*.tar.gz,
bind_*.diff.gz, and a bind-* directory.

do i still have to run 'dpkg-source -x bind_*.dsc' or are the contents 
of the bind-* directory the output of dpkg-source?

if i edit some of the file in the bind-* directory. is it ok for me to 
run 'dpkg-buildpackage; dpkg --install *.deb'?


"As a general rule, if you have trouble 
 with the binary system, then probably it 
 is because you do not really understand 
 the decimal system ..."
 		R.W. Hamming

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