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Re: Help with cron settings?

On Sat, 18 Nov 2000, sc wrote:

> I'm having troubles getting my backups automated.  I set up a file "test" 
> in the cron.d directory with the settings...
> 5,10,15 * * * sunkcost /bin/tar -cf /home/sunkcost/test.tar 
> /home/sunkcost/test.txt
> I thought that cron was supposed to check through its crontab and related 
> files every minute or so, but nothing happens.  I tried restarting cron 
> manually, root as the user, and editing crontab directly, but no dice.
> I'm probably missing something really obvious for what seems like a 
> straightforward setup, but I'm stuck.  Can somebody give me some help 
> here?

man crontab

You're supposed to use the crontab command to modify cron
settings.  Updating files by hand won't work.

Damian Menscher
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