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Re: Okay, I give up. What do I put in apt-get's sources.list?

"Joe Emenaker" <joe@emenaker.com> wrote:
>I want apt to be able to get to the goodies at:
>  http://www.sandalwood.net/~terubou/linux/deb/
>What do I put in sources.list?

  deb http://www.sandalwood.net/~terubou linux/deb/

... seems to work. (The trailing slash is required if you want to
specify an exact path rather than let apt construct the usual Debian
archive organization. You also need to pick a point at which to divide
the complete URL into URI and distribution - I've more or less
arbitrarily chosen the point between ~terubou and linux to do this.)

Colin Watson                                     [cjw44@flatline.org.uk]

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