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Re: quake - installation

On Thu, Nov 16, 2000 at 05:29:44PM +0100, Michael Mertins wrote: 

> after installing the jdk I want to give Quake a try.
> i saw via apt-cache search quake that there's quake-3dfx available (I have
> a voodoo3-2000 running here).
> so can i just install the package and run the game by typing 'quake' ?

I don't think so. Had to install Quake for a friend and it looks like
this is just a frontend for playing an already installed version of
Quake with GNU/Linux.

But it was not hard to get Quake3 running with a Voodoo3. Send me a
mail if you want detailed instructions, because I guess this is OT.

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