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RE: Simple apt-get question

> I installed PostgreSQL to work with, and I noticed that it
> said that it was version 6.5 or so, and to just grab the
> newer package from the unstable tree.  So my question is,
> how do I go about grabbing just _one_ package, and of
> course, any dependencies (as few as possible, I hope.  I
> have a very slow dial-up connection) from the unstable
> branch when my /etc/apt.sources.list is set up for the
> stable tree?

you don't.  If you want an unstable package you either:

a) upgrade to unstable

b) grab the source from unstable and compile it yourself.  This is fairly
painless these days.  grab the orig.tar.gz, the dsc and the diff.gz file.  do
dpkg-source -x foo.dsc.  cd foo-ver.  Look in debian/control.  If there is a
Build-Depends line, install any packages listed there.  Make sure you have
fakeroot installed.  Then do dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -us -uc -tc.

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