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Re: wvdial

On 16 Nov 2000, John Hasler wrote:

> Bruce F. writes:
> > However, I've found that pppd, for some reason, occasionally changes the
> > permissions of the modem device to crw-r----,...
> It always does that, for security.  If it exits normally it changes the
> permissions back.

It seems to forget to set the permissions back maybe about a third of the
time. I don't believe that's because it's not exiting normally, though
maybe I'm missing something.  I assumed it was a bug.

> > So I've switched to using pon and poff, and I've since had no problems.
> > Just run "pppconfig" as route, and forget about wvdial, and you'll be
> > happy.
> With pon and poff there is no need for the user to be in the dialout group.
> He does have to be in the dip group, but you can set that in pppconfig.

Oops, right, forgot to mention dip, thanks.---Bruce F.

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