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Re: Zope newbie can't log in

> I can log in on Zope as superuser and create a new user.  But I can
> not log in as that user although anything is correct as far as the
> login name and password is concerned.

i am new to zope as well but i just dealt with this the ohter day.  it
appears that the admin user can log in from anywhere (or that the
post-install script for the debian package sets it that way), however a
user you create, you must specify the hosts or domains that they can come
from when you create the user in zope.  i haven't tried to see if a * will
allow access from anywhere yet.

> I have removed apache still can not log in as user - even user 'a'
> with password 'a' which I created as superuser.  I have tried it on
> Mozilla, Netscape and Lynx.  Links would not work with Zope because it
> ignores the :9673 part in references.

apache has nothing to do with this if you are reaching zope on port
9673.  and lynx should work just fine.  just make sure you specify the url



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