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Re: NT4 in VMWare VM can't see Samba over network - Yes, PlainTextPassword set :)

Robin Collins wrote:

Not really a Debian issue but maybe someone can help me out here.

There are two computers here, for the sake of discussion called A and B.  B
runs Samba 2.0.7a on Potato.  A is multi-boot.

When booted to native NT4 SP6a with PlainTextPassword set A can see B and
access B's shares perfectly.

When booted to Linux, SMBCLIENT can see B's shares, use them and can also
NFS mount them.

BUT, when I run NT4 SP6a in a VMWare VM the VM can see the host, can see a
Win98 system also on the network but can't see B nor map a share using NET
VIEW: attempts fail with an error 53, name not found.  Network Neighbourhood
is also missing B, but the stange thing is that after a while (where "while"
seems indeterminate!) B appears in Network Neighbourhood but it's shares
cannot be seen.

There are no errors logged by smbd or nmbd on B but the problem "feels" like
some sort of name resolution problem; though clearly not DNS since the VM
can ping B by name.  PlainTextPassword is set since the VM can map drives
from the host's Samba.  SMBCLIENT on B can get to the VM's shares so B in
able to "see" A's VM by name.

I've installed many NT4/Samba systems in my time but I've never seen this,
anyone any ideas?

Robin Collins

I can't really explain what you're seeing, but you might try mapping a drive to B with the IP address instead of the name. For example, instead of mapping a drive to \\B\ShareName, map it to \\xxx.yyy.zzz.qqq\ShareName. It may not be a solution, but it might provide some more clues.

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