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Re: Problem with cups and xpp or qtcups

> Did you set 'Browsing' to 'on' in the /etc/cups/cupsd.conf? The package
> maintainer set it to 'off' by default.
> If yes, what is the output of 'lpstat -v -d'?
Browsing is set to on and the output of 'lpstat -v -d' is 
device for Epson_760: parallel:/dev/lp0
system default destination: Epson_760

In qtcups if I click to option only the port is set correctly to 631,
but server is blanc, if I set server to localhost qtcups works. But it
doesn't remember that!
So, I think, that the problem is to set the correct server but I don't
find this option in cupsd.conf file.
Tank you very mach

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