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Re: DMODVERSIONS causing a lot of problems

Colin, thanks for the very very quick answer!

> > CONF   = $(wildcard /etc/modules.conf)
> [...]
> > install: compile
> >    mv -f $(CONF) $(CONF).old
> >    gawk -f mod_conf $(CONF).old > $(CONF)
> >    echo "alias sound $(NAME)" >> $(CONF)
> >    echo "alias midi $(NAME)" >> $(CONF)
> Beware; this probably won't play nicely with Debian, because our
> /etc/modules.conf isn't intended to be altered directly. 

Could you explain this more accurate - does the system complain after
booting that someone has altered /etc/modules.conf or does the kernel
need a reboot to load the contents?

After all, why does /etc/modules.conf need to be edited by the make
install20 procedure since this sound card is definetly a PCI device?

> What you
> probably want to do is set the CONF line above to somewhere like
> /etc/modutils/aliases, and then insert 'update-modules' after the last
> line I quoted here (at the same indentation level as the other command
> lines, to keep make happy). That way, your changes to your module
> configuration will be preserved.

What is a "indentation level" and could you explain the CONF edition
and 'update-modules' procedure more precisly - I'm getting so unsure
what exactly to do.

This is the original aureal make routine:
install: compile
         mv -f $(CONF) $(CONF).old
         gawk -f mod_conf $(CONF).old > $(CONF)
         echo "alias sound $(NAME)" >> $(CONF)
         echo "alias midi $(NAME)" >> $(CONF)
         mkdir -p $(MODDIR)
         cp -f $(NAME).o $(MODDIR)
         -/sbin/depmod -a
         -/sbin/rmmod $(NAME)
         -/sbin/modprobe $(NAME)


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