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Re: ssh authentication

rland@urbia.de wrote:
>logged as a normal user I would like to open up X-apps requiring root

As root in root's home directory, make .Xauthority a symbolic link to
your normal user's .Xauthority file (or set the XAUTHORITY environment
variable to the location of that file). Then you can just run X programs
while inside 'su'.

>Launching ssh-keygen resulted in creating a file for the RSA key and a
>prompt for a passphrase. The relating manpage reports a required
>passphrase of at least 512bits.

Key length isn't the same as passphrase length. The recommended
passphrase length in that manpage is at least 10-30 characters.

>How many bits are need for one char on a Intel mashine

8 on virtually every machine these days (anything with a C compiler has
8-bit chars, to start with), though that isn't important to your

Colin Watson                                     [cjw44@flatline.org.uk]

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