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X4.0.1 and ET6K

Anyone had any luck with X4.0.1 and an ET6000/6100 4MB card?
I can get X to actually load, along with WindowMaker, but the fonts are
still rather screwed.

Got everything I need in there I'm sure, plus xfs running, but the fonts
are cactus.

Not to mention everytime I make a minor change, if for some reason it's
not valid, it freezes the box entirely. Kinda hard to remotely work on
someone's PC when thats happening :(

I'm curious to see who's running one successfully if anyone, and what
Config file they use.

I've tried Dexter, I've hand edited and compared with my home box
(different card I admit, but same syntax, font settings, etc), I just
can't get all dice to roll properly, and like I say the
freeze-on-very-minor-config-stuffup is not giving me much space to work

 Corey J. Popelier

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