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Re: VI probs

  you can also use alternatives to pick which package that provides vi
you want to actually provide vi,

  if you install one of the other packages it will (probably) update the
symlink, but using alternatives you can explicitly let debian know which
of the alternatives you want to use as real thing...


Mike Phillips wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I just changed from SUSE to Debian and kind of have problems with the
> > VI. When in INSERT mode I used to see that from the status line below,
> > now there isnt anything. Also Delete isn't working as before, also
> > when using the cursor keys, always the INSERT mode discontinues...
> >
> > Any way of changing that ??
> >
> I just download, compile and install the latest version of vim and then
> change the vi symlink. Then all the options in my .vimrc (highlighting,
> keys etc.) work as I want them to.
> Mike
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