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Unidentified subject!

"S.Salman Ahmed" <ssahmed@pathcom.com> wrote:
>Subject: Postscript printers
>I had a chance to look at the specs. for the HP 2100M. The HP specs
>(http://www.hp.ca/products/static/c4171a/features-en.html) say
>that this printer supports HP PCL 6 plus HP PostScript Level 2
>In addition, http://www.linuxprinting.org/show_printer.cgi?recnum=64064
>says that this printer is a postscript level 2 printer.
>Is this a true postscript printer ?

Yes... I have one at work... the 2100M is a true postscript printer, I
have mine equipped with a jetdirect card and can just 'lpr' a postscript
file to the jetdirect to have it printed...

Note that the 2100 (no M) doesn't do postscript and will barf large
amounts of garbage at you if you try.

>It is quite a bit more expensive than what I wanted to spend on a
>printer, but if it supports true PS then it might be worth it.

If you are looking for something cheaper, I also have (at home) a Lexmark
Optra E-3xx (300 or 310). It's a small and cheap Laserprinter that is
featurewise compatible with the 2100...
It has postscript level 2, PCL 5e and PCL6... works perfectly under linux,
dos, windows etc... even has USB (also regular parallel)
Besides the fact it's a lot cheaper then a HP printer...

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