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Re: Quick Q: Kernel compiling gcc295/gcc272?

According to kernel traffic this week (kt.linuxcare.com), if my memory
serves, gcc272 will _not_ properly compile the newest kernels, even
though the documents explicitly states that gcc272 is in fact the most
compatible compiler.  Further searching of the kernel mailing lists
could probably dig up the whole conversation.


Jonathon Gift wrote:
On Tue, Nov 14, 2000 at 08:45:50PM +0100, Jonathan Gift wrote:
> Hi,
> I recently compiled my kernel. However, reading through the docs that came
> with gcc it says clearly that compiling the kernel should be done with
> gcc272 and not gcc295. I had gcc295 loaded by tasksel and the fine print
> said not to worry if you had gcc295 because if you used the kernel-pacage it
> called on gcc272 by itself.
> Q: Looking at my package list I don't see gcc272 on it. Am I in trouble for
> having run this on gcc295 even with the kernel-package? Or did in fact use
> gcc273 somehow, as it stated, and it's not listed?

Don't worry -- it is fine by now to compile the kernel with gcc 2.95.
If you are still worried, you can install the gcc272 package and
recompile.  But don't worry.


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