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Re: WARNING - Virus infected messages on list

On Tuesday 14 November 2000 01:15, Peter Hugosson-Miller wrote:
> I would be OK with blocking MS Outhouse, but not Windoze
> mail clients in general. Some of us have to use that 'OS'
> at work, and those of us with any sense use Netscape or
> Eudora (Eudora doesn't work on NT4.0, so it's Netscape in
> my case).

Excuse my ignorance on the maintainance of distribution lists, but why not 
just reject submissions with attachments that match the pattern *.EXE?

Did you know that if you play a Windows 2000 cd backwards, you 
will hear the voice of Satan?

That's nothing!  If you play it forward, it'll install Windows 2000.

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