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Easy Killfile using maildrop

Hi folks,

This recent windoze virus nonsense has inspired me to put together a
quick and easy killfile - something where I can just add an address to a
file without having to make a new rule for each one. I though that
someone out there might like to use it to.

Please note that it uses maildrop, not procmail (as lots of people on
this list seem to use). Personally, I think maildrop is cool, and I know
nothing about procmail, so if someone wants to repost the procmail
equivalent, please feel free.

In my ~/.mailfilter file I have the following rule (up the top):


logfile $LOGFILE

# Killfile
if ( /^From: *!.*/ && lookup( $MATCH2, $KILLFILE ))
        log "*KILLFILE* - Deleting message from $MATCH2"
And I have a file ~/.killfile in my home directory, to which I just need
to enter a regex that describes the From: line of the offending email
(be a bit careful with your regexes - it's easy to accidently kill too
much!). So, for example, after todays fiasco, I have the following in


Pretty simple and easy. Certainly not sophisticated enough to stop
someone who wants to forge the From: line, but it's more to stop idiots
than anything.

Hope that helps someone out there.



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