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Re: What is NAVIDAD.exe

On Tue, 14 Nov 2000, -|- Hurgh! -|- wrote:

> Is this a virus or something I have just got like heaps of messages from
> people on this group and they all have this file attached. What is it??
> -|- Hurgh! -|-
> PS If you would like a copy of this file I will attach it but I would not
> run it, I have not yet ran it and I do not know what it does. If you want a
> copy let me know

As you have suggested, DO NOT RUN IT.  It is worm that targets idiots
who run Windows.  Note: not all idiots run windows, and not all who run
windows are idiots.  But all who run windows and execute NAVIDAD.EXE are
idiots.  Obviously there is at least one subscriber to the Debian-user
list who meets this "idiot" criteria.  I just hope the complaining
servers stop battling soon.  This is getting annoying.

The following is the alert I received about this from McAfee:

      ******* VIRUS ALERT - W32/Navidad@M ********

Dear McAfee.com Dispatch Subscriber: 

W32/Navidad@M is an Internet worm that spreads using the 
Windows email program Outlook. McAfee AVERT has given it a 
risk assessment of MEDIUM-ON WATCH, due to a significant 
increase in infection levels worldwide. 

The email can come from addresses that you will recognize. 
Attached is a file named NAVIDAD.EXE and when it is run, it 
displays a dialog box entitled, "Error" which reads "UI". A 
blue eye icon then appears in the system tray next to the 
clock in the lower right corner of the screen, and a copy of 
the worm is saved to the file "winsvrc.vxd" in the WINDOWS 
SYSTEM directory. 

If your PC becomes infected with the W32/Navidad@M worm, all 
subsequent emails addressed to you will be responded to 
automatically with an email from your address with the 
W32/Navidad@M worm as an attachment. 

Click here for detection and removal instructions:
-> http://clinic.mcafee.com/clinic/ibuy/campaign.asp?cid=1956 

Damian Menscher
--==## Grad. student & Sys. Admin. @ U. Illinois at Urbana-Champaign ##==--
--==## <menscher@uiuc.edu> www.uiuc.edu/~menscher/ Ofc:(217)333-0038 ##==--
--==## Physics Dept, 1110 W Green, Urbana IL 61801 Fax:(217)333-9819 ##==--

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