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iptraf error

Forgive me if I have overlooked something......

When I try to run "iptraf" I get the following error

  This computer is running with IP Masquerading  
  enabled.  If this machine is a masquerading    
  router, the various facilities may give       
  strange results because of the translation of  
  the packets' IP addresses.  You will get      
  better results if you run IPTraf on the        
  network segments connected to this machine,    
  but not on this machine itself.                
  If this computer is not a masquerading router  
  you can ignore this message.                  
  Press a key to continue                 

Next I get

    Unable to open raw socket                                         
    Press a key to continue ..............

>From what I can tell "IP Masq" is not installed on this machine.

Thanks in advance

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