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I said "thanks for any HELP", and no thanks for "more pb"...
I use Unix since a long time, but not Linux : I have a NeXT cube and an
UltraSparc station.

I want to be familiar with debian because it's the only way to not fall in
"commercial" products with my first "PC" (which I got for adding HD, because
of SCSI cost on Unix stations).
If I ask for help, it is for "using" debian, NOT for saying "Debian is null
: no plug & play". (I don't search p&p, ok ?).

Please, be carreful with other new users if you want to increase the number
of debian users.

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> De:	the_kuzie@yahoo.com [SMTP:the_kuzie@yahoo.com]
> Date:	mardi 14 novembre 2000 01:34
> À:	Gilles.Maliar@fairesuivre.fr
> Cc:	Gilles.Maliar@free.fr
> Objet:	Re: small question
> Quoting Gilles.Maliar@fairesuivre.fr:
> > I'm new user of Debian and I don't know how to configure the
> > hadrware for the network.
> > I know "ifconfig", but it is for soft configuration, and any time I want
> > to
> > use it, it tells me "unknown device" about eth0.
> > 
> > Well, my hardware is correct : Corel Linux 2nd ed. configures without
> > any
> > problem.
> > What is the name of the tool I have to use ? or the package I miss ?
> > 
> > Thanks for any help.
> don't use debian 
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