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Re: lyx; how do I view/export a document as ps/dvi?

"A.E. Roy" <ae.roy@organizer.net> writes:

> I'm not able to make LyX view or export documents as ps or dvi. I have (I believe) all relevant packages installed. What do I do to solve this problem?
> Thanks

You have a working LaTeX and can use xdvi on its own, can't you? LyX
needs it. --

Check the the following variables in /etc/lyxrc resp. ~/.lyx/lyxrc.

\view_dvi_command "xdvi"
\view_ps_command "gv"

Comment everything in the printer section out (for now).

BTW if you want to use .pdf instead of .dvi, set:

\view_dvi_command "killall acroread ; acroread $(basename $$FName .dvi).pdf"
\pdf_mode true

That way you'll only be able to print (to printer or .ps file) from
acroread, gv or whatever you use to display .pdf files. 

Also interesting: \show_banner false.

Hope that helps,


Andre Berger <andre.berger@topmail.de> from Bonn, Germany

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