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Re: firewalling

On 13/11/2000 at 14:14 +0100, Sebastiaan wrote:
> - I did a nmap localhost and discovered that unwanted ports 'sunrpc' (111)
> and 'printer' (515) are open. I have not found these in inetd.conf and I
> do not know how to turn these off. I have already tried removing sunrpc.o
> from the modules, but the computer would not do that. What is this port
> used for?
Well, port 111 (sunrpc) is used by the portmap(8) server. From the manpage:
	Portmap is a server that converts RPC program numbers into DARPA
	protocol port numbers. It must be running in order to make RPC

Not understandeable, huh? Well, it's used mainly by NFS (Network File System).

Port 515 is used by the lpd(8) daemon. Once again, from the manpage:
	Lpd is the line printer daemon (spool area handler) [...]

Which means that lpd is used for printing. If you don't have a local
printer and you're not printing to a remote (network) printer using this
protocol (SMB/Windows printers are handled by Samba/whatever), you can
probably remove the "lpr" debian package.

Regards, sena...

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