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Re: Re(2): Boot Problem

On Sat, 28 Oct 2000, Janos Kramar wrote:

My error message was different (kernel panic during boot) but it was
caused by the built-in "Boot virus detection" in my new ASUS CUSL2
motherboard. I could boot from floppy but not from the harddrive that I
pulled out of my old P200 machine. I turned off the boot virus detection
in the BIOS setup and then it booted fine. You might also add "lba32" to
the /etc/lilo.conf file (first section where "boot" and "delay" are
usually found) in case your boot files are beyond cylinder 1024. See

> >>After installing Debian without any apparent problems and rebooting the
> >>computer without the boot disk, it says:
> >>MBR
> >>
> >>L 07 07 07 07 07 07 07 07 07 ... and so forth.
> >>It works fine with the boot disk. I have an hda unused approx. 5GB hard
> >>drive, a hdb dvd-rom, and hdc cd-rom, and an hdd 30GB hard-drive with an
> >>approx. 5GB ext2 partition and swap with Debian on it. What can I do to
> >>get it working properly?
> Sorry, I'm new to Linux and probably asking something stupid and obvious;
> how would I reinstall LILO?
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