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Re: Dexter?

Neil Darlow wrote:
> On 11/10/00, 8:54:27 PM, Hubert Chan wrote:
> > Try adding
> >         Option  "NoAccel"
> > to the graphics device section in your XF86Config file (The section that 
> has
> > `Driver "s3virge"'.  It turns off hardware acceleration, so things may be
> > slower, but at least it will work properly.
> Are we talking XFree86-3.3.x and XF86_S3V server here?

Nope.  This is X4 we're talking.

> I use S3 Virge/DX cards and follow the recommendation for using the
> XF86_SVGA server. The XAA features work nicely and a hardware cursor is
> implemented. A good compromise.

I used the SVGA server for some time.  But I kept having sporadic font
corruption under a few apps - Netscape and mutt were the most common - and
switched to the XF86_S3V server.  No more font corruption after that.  But
now I'm using X4, so it's a past issue for me now.  So far, it's working
well.  Not obviously better in any way, but no worse either.
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