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Re: Unable to switch to tty5

On Thu, 9 Nov 2000, Frederik Vanrenterghem wrote:

> This is indeed possible! Very strange, so my F5 key probably is bound to
> something else. Is there a way for me to check this?

I just did the following:

login on some tty, e.g. tty2, and then
mfluch@seneca:~> hexdump /dev/tty2

Then I pressed F1 to F12 and afterwards enter. That was the output:

%07.7_ 5b1b 415b 5b1b 425b 5b1b 435b 5b1b 445b
%07.7_ 5b1b 455b 5b1b 3731 1b7e 315b 7e38 5b1b
%07.7_ 3931 1b7e 325b 7e30 5b1b 3132 1b7e 325b

The ^[[[E is the F5 key.

But I guess, there are better ways to test, if the key is working...


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