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RE: Question and goodbye...

Title: RE: Question and goodbye...

>Just another thing... I'm unsubscribing debian-user.. The traffic is too
>much for me to be able to read any of it... I'm thinking of subscribing the
>digest version of the list.. Is it any good???

I think it depends on how you use the list.  I personally read the list to
learn how certain things are done, and don't post frequently unless its
some area where I'm confident.  In my situation, the digest works well,
because I can do the reading in bigger 'chunks' which interrupts me less
than receiving piecemeal would.  But for people who post more frequently,
I'm guessing it would be painful because you have to check through to see
what everyone else has posted before posting yourself.  Why not give it
a try, and if it's still too much, then take Karsten's suggestion and just
read DWN.

- Chris

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