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Re: Supported hardware for debian

Thank you, its a good start, but
unfortunately this document is over 1 year old.  I was hoping for something more up-to-date.
Guess I just keep on looking.  :-)


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On Wed, 8 Nov 2000, [iso-8859-1] Jostein Ågedal wrote:

> I am preparing to buy a new machine to run debian linux 2.2. As Im
> buying it solely for linux, I would like any good advices on what sort
> of hardware would be recommended for debian Linux.
> Maybe any of you have some good links or personal experience on this?

One way to find out, is look it up here:

Is has all kinds of information, including information about supported
hardware and says, the Debian is like any other Linux and then refers to
this document:

Hope this helps,

PS One tip, buy Good memory, Linux can be a bit more memory critical then
for example Windows.

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