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already-posted mini HOWTO/FAQ/INTRO's

through the past coupla weeks, we've seen some mini-howto's
and quick-intro's fly by on this list...

would the respective FAQ authors be likely to object if we
made them available at http://newbiedoc.intranets.com/ ?
must better if you post them there yourselves. we've
got 25megs to play with...

[ NEWBIEDOC.INTRANETS.COM was founded way back on monday,
as a gathering point for VOLUNTEERS who want to pass on
what they've learned to next week's newbies. probably
some duplication of effort, but effort is far preferable
to lack thereof, no? and if we're not careful, some of
what we come up with just might be new and innovative
(and helpful)... ]

There are only two places in the world where time takes
precedence over the job to be done.  School and prison. 
					--William Glasser 

will@serensoft.com    ***    http://www.dontUthink.com/

volunteer to document your Debian experience for next
week's newbies -- http://newbiedoc.intranets.com/

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