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How do 3D cards work under Linux (Debian)

Hi all,

I'm no rookie to Linux, but, I'm missing something on how 3D really works in
Linux. I've been able to get 3D working but don't really understand what's going
on. When I say 3D, I'm speaking of 3D video-hardware acceleration under Linux!

If someone could present me with a step-by-step tutorial/walkthrough of what's
going on, I'd greatly appreciate it. I'd like to see it geared towards Debian
(which debs to grab) and possibly my hardware (Celeron 300, 3dfx voodoo
banshee). Something in line with a textbook or HOW-TO is what I'd like to see
the info in. Of course, since you're not being paid, any info will be
appreciated. Thanks.


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