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Re: Re: Gnome or KDE2 ?

wmwaisse <wmwaisse@linuxstart.com> schrieb am 03.11.00:

>   It would probably be better to intall and try the two ones.
>   If you don t have enough place on your hard disk, you will have to 
> choose one of them.
>   As far as I'm concerned KDE1.2 is necessary for me as I need
> kdevelop ( an Integrated Development tool IDE ) and gnome for tools
> such as gnotepad+ ( a good editor ).
>   If you can, try the two ones.

Right... Personally, until now I was preferring GNOME because of the strange licensing mix-up with QT library, but now that this stuff is GPL'ed, I checked it out once again and, well, KDE2 seems pretty good... 

Besides this, if You`re not wanting to run those two "huge" packages on your box, you might want to check out


to get the xfce desktop environment which (same as gimp and gnome) is gtk-based, more or less lightweight and pretty fast and (if needed) provides integration for GNOME apps... :)))


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