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Re: How to use Suspend to RAM

Manegold <manegold@uni-trier.de> writes:

> However, the HD and its fans as well as the power supply with its fan
> continue  to run. How  can I  have them go  to suspend too,  as they
> should?? 

Linux apm  doesn't handle this. Use  hdparm -y to power  down the hard
drive.  For the power supply, the keyword to look for is "ACPI", which
stands for something like "advanced configuration and <mumble> interface",
and is the successor to APM. Last I checked linux  acpi support had a
ways to go before it could do the right thing though. 

My solution was to wire the power supply fan down to 7V instead of 12,
remove  the  P/S  cover, slap  on  two  5$  heatsinks from  the  local
electronics shop, and put the whole thing on top of my computer rather
than inside it (the cables reach). 



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