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Re: sed question (bibtex problem)

On Fri, 3 Nov 2000, Brian May wrote:

> bibtex likes to word-wrap/mangle/destroy my long lines (eg. URLs) into
> this form:
> \bibitem[Mic00]{Microsoft2000}
> Microsoft.
> \newblock Windows 2000 kerberos authentication.
> \newblock White paper, Microsoft, January 2000.
> \newblock
>   \url=http://www.microsoft.com/technet/win2000/win2ksrv/technote/kerberos.asp%
> =.
> which is interpreted by LaTeX to display a percent sign at the end of
> the URL :-(

How about:
1. download source
2. fix source
3. send a patch to the maintainer

That way I won't have this problem when I use bibtex for urls in the
future.  ;)

Hmm, I guess that wasn't very helpful.  You might want to try adding a
'%' character to the end of your URL in your .bib file.  This might
survive past bibtex, and will tell LaTeX to ignore the remainder of the
line.  If the remainder of the line is just that extra character, it
might pull off what you're looking for.  Or not.  I haven't tested this.

Damian Menscher
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