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> > 1 -> you need the correct modelines for it to swith down to the correct
> > resolution, if you decide you still want software mode. 
> Aha, right. 
> What do you mean by "software mode"?

fullscreen video playback can be done in two ways:

1) the resolution is changed down and the video optionally scaled in software
to fit the screen. this is processor intensive.

2) the video can be passed to a video card for hardware scaling and smoothing.
this eliminates the need for mode switching and takes the load off the cpu.

currently there are a number of applications that support fullscreen sdl, such
as avifile, smpeg, xmms-smpeg etc. once sdl has been recompiled against the x4
libs, it should work out of the box -- but watch the configure as you compile
sdl to see if it detects the xvideo x4 libs.

> I did recompile  sdl. What are the xvideo extensions  and why should I
> care about them?

hardware scaling. new to x4.

> > but of course, if you'd done your homework
> and that would be...? 

the documentation on the web sites of the above mentioned players are helpful.
try them. :)



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